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How Executive Management can-Effectively Scale Back Post COVID-19

How to Effectively Scale Back in a POST-COVID Environment

The daunting realization that you’re going to have to make changes with your company coming out of COVID-19 is probably not something you want to deal with. Especially as your company was most likely doing exceedingly well before all of this. 

With many moving parts in your company, and then an almost complete halt for a few months, trying to figure out where and how to effectively scale back is a very complex, sensitive area that takes a degree of strategy and insight that will require swift actions without being hasty. A near impossible feat for most companies. 

The moment that the world started to realize the extensiveness of the COVID-19 pandemic was the moment our businesses began to change forever. And while procedures and changes have helped us quickly adapt to this new world, it’s arguably impacted our financial growth and staff stability in ways we never expected.

In fact, in many cases, it’s shuddered key areas of many businesses or created an expenditure that we can’t afford to manage the same way. That’s why many of today’s smartest executives are restructuring and streamlining certain business operations to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and improve overall stability.

Expanding IT Resources While Shrinking Staff Requirements

Your IT department is a core essential of your business. It protects your data and makes sure everything is working correctly across different platforms from a technological standpoint. The vulnerabilities that can arise in this department need to be constantly monitored and managed. One false move can have your entire company put at serious risk.

At the same time, think about how many resources it currently takes to ‘run’ your IT department. You have so much capital tied up in this department alone, it can lead to an expensive, necessary evil that feels like purchasing premium business insurance. 

In a POST-COVID environment, where capital is now limited to the core essentials of getting back up and running as quickly as possible, trying to figure out if and how to scale back in your IT department will (metaphorically) require a surgical knife. 

Each staff member in the IT department adds up considerably, and for good reason. Their skillsets are unmatched by almost anyone else in the company. Most people can not do what they do. They have obtained a level of expertise that is absolutely essential in today’s business requirements. 

So you might not have changed anything in the IT department thus far, mainly because you thought you’d be sacrificing site or service quality, or that it was just too risky a choice given all of the other recent risks you’ve undertaken. And yet, there is a solution out there that strengthens your business position, saves you a significant amount of capital, all while making it easier to manage the company whole.

Host Pros is an end-to-end dedicated website management team focused on providing your business premier-quality support but with attention to detail usually only found “in house”. We give you the same level of customized and directed IT type resources you’d get with an on-site team, but with far more site-enhancing results that leave a lasting, measurable impact.

Why Outsourcing to Host Pros Makes Financial Sense

Avoid Financial Loss or Brand Distrust

Let’s say your site is down for a few minutes every time your staff tries to make updates to it. Or let’s say it goes down in the middle of a transaction when a customer or investor really needs your services. It could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more every year.

The Unrealized Cost of Not Having a Website That’s Online or Working Correctly

For example, if you’re a $5M/year company and your site isn’t working just 5% of each year, it could easily cost you an upwards of $250k/year in lost revenue. Compounded by lost customers, lost leads, unfavorable views of your company from a non-functioning website, adds up to your competitors getting that business.

Most company’s don’t realize that their website is the online ‘face’ of their company in their customers and leads eyes. If the website is not online, or not functioning correctly, is the equivalent to an employee telling a customer that “We don’t care about you.”.

A poorly managed site loses you money, impacts your credibility, and turns away potential brand advocates who could further strengthen your ability to succeed.

Host Pros makes sure this doesn’t happen with smart, easy, streamlined services that fit your budget, protect you from future problems, and ensure you’re ready to take on whatever the world sends our way.

A true digital partner in a digital age, we’re able to manage your site, improve your hosting stability, increase your site security, and establish a stronger, more capable foundation for your business. Backed by a full team of server administrators, website developers, and website success managers we offer 24/7 tech support that’s customized to your business’s needs.

Outsourcing Your Website Hosting, Domain, and Emails to Host Pros

Your company’s website has always just naturally fallen under the ‘umbrella’ of the marketing department, and/or the IT department, but what if there was a company that could professionally manage your website, emails, and domains so that it freed up resources within your marketing and IT department, thus allowing you to focus your staff and resources on the core essentials of running your business so that you can get back to previous activity levels before COVID-19. 

Satisfying customers, shareholders, and the public viewpoint of your company is tough enough. Allow Host Pros to help speed up your company’s comeback with dedicated resources in place that allows you to get back where you need to be, faster. 

The very idea of outsourcing can feel as if you’re somehow limiting your overall business potential. That’s why Host Pros goes above and beyond to provide the highest-level of real-time site management that’s custom-tailored to your short and long-term goals.

Most importantly, our services don’t just continue the status quo, we help synergize your efforts and strengthen your toolkit with smarter, scalable solutions that give you more control over your own efforts. 

Host Pros enhances your teams, not takes away from them.

With Host Pros, you’re not scaling backwards; you’re continuing to streamline and scale upwards to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The IT department has always been somewhat mysterious in most people’s understanding of exactly what they do. Believe it or not, website management is typically not something they specialize in. Sure, they can usually figure things out when the need arises, they are just that smart. However website management is not their expertise usually, nor is it at most times things they prefer to deal with mainly because it distracts them from their primary functions and focus of your company. 

By allowing Host Pros to manage your company’s website hosting, domains, and emails, it frees up your teams to focus on the core essentials of your company so that you can get back to business faster, and more efficiently. 

For example, let’s say your marketing team has written a new blog post, or came out with a new product they want added to your company’s website. Instead of them manually having to make the update to the website, they simply email their dedicated Client Success Partner and we get it added for them.

Full-Service Website, Hosting, and Cyber Security Solutions

With Host Pros, by utilizing high-end dedicated servers, data storage, and interface communication we’re able to provide businesses with:

  • Increased Site Accessibility and Optimized Responsiveness
  • Safe, Reliable Daily and Emergency Data Storage
  • Faster and More Efficient Website Hosting with Unbeatable Uptime
  • Hands-Free Management Options with Real-Time Updates
  • Proactive Updates, Patches, Fixes, and Troubleshooting
  • Peace of Mind for your teams to Focus on Advertising, or Consumer Interaction
  • Affordable Solutions that Let You Downscale Teams but Upscale Services

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

You’re not just a number to us. We genuinely care about each client and their success in relations to their website’s uptime, security, and reliability. We know that not all companies are the same, which is exactly why we don’t have a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach to our services. We customize service packages to fit the specific requirements of your company.

Proactive Executives are Changing Business Models

There are currently two types of leaders out there right now. Those who are sitting back and waiting to see how it all shakes out and those who are actively finding answers that will strategically strengthen their business and prevent issues from happening in the future.

If you’re like the latter, you already know that if you haven’t started putting plans into action you’re already five steps behind—especially when it comes to the online business world.

Business professionals are turning to Host Pros for end-to-end website managed services because they know they’re the best in the business at providing high-end, multi-tiered corporations with solutions that support them at every level. 

They also utilize our offerings because they need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently without interrupting daily services, customer accessibility, or staff capabilities. These manifest in multiple ways, including:

  • Long-Term Business Stability

When COVID-19 shut down the planet the people who already worked remotely continued to thrive. Host Pros is one of them. Our services continue to happen during shutdowns, pandemics, acts of nature, and even throughout the night and over holidays.

  • Protection and Prevention

Many IT departments only react to problems after they’ve occurred. They’re consistently monitoring, updating, patching, troubleshooting, fixing, securing, and backing up data to maintain your site and security before issues get out of control.

  • Real-Time Responsiveness

It’s not just about responding to vulnerabilities and fixing your site as a problem arises. We’re here to ensure you’ve got real support, real answers, and real site stability no matter what happens; all while providing a direct point of contact for peace of mind.

If you’re ready to save time, money, energy, and resources and you’re looking to streamline your IT department, and save your Marketing department from a mountain of headaches, Host Pros is the answer. It’s time to increase your bottom line and shore up digital holes in your site. 

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