Sophisticated Website Security

Eliminate Vulnerabilities and Protect Vital Data
Website security should be at the forefront of every online business today. We use our sites for selling products and interacting with customers, which means protecting their personal and financial information, as well as our own, should be priority #1. Protecting this data from cyberattacks, malware, hacks, or potential viruses is not only important to reduce identify theft or loss of income, a breach in your security could mean a major loss in customer or investor confidence. At Host Pros we’re dedicated to creating a level of security that won’t limit or impact site stability or accessibility but ensures both your business and your clients stay safer online.

Avoid Disruptive Cyberattacks and Potential Financial Loss
Losing financial data or exposing personal information to hackers could lead to serious issues for both customers and your business, and without safeguards in place you’re almost guaranteed that someone will look to deface or defraud your site—oftentimes before you ever know it’s done. Taking a deep dive into proper website security can provide a competitive advantage, but also provides robust protection against:
  • Vulnerabilities can lead to website defacement, fraud, theft, or data loss
  • Attacks like Denial-of-Service (DDoS) can shut down site accessibility
  • Exposing sensitive customer data to hackers can result in litigation
  • No protection can lead to watering hole attacks
  • Public scrutiny and backlash can reduce consumer and investor confidence
  • Access to your business information can impact stability or financial success
Deter Local, National, and International Threats
One of the most important things you need to know is that breaches in your site aren’t just a local issue. People all over the world can access your site and can threaten your site’s integrity, reduce its availability, and impact data confidentiality. This means that not only could someone here in the U.S. access or sell your data, it could be shared with others across the world.

Safeguarding Customers, Clients, and Investors
Nothing makes people more wary of your business than knowing you can’t protect their data. That’s because a hacker isn’t just focused on obtaining your business information, they want the financial and personal information for every client, customer, or investor you have stored on your servers. Below is some important data that will show you why website security is vital to your long-term success and stability.

Malicious Customer-Targeting
Hackers are looking to hack or infect your site to hijack personal and financial information that they can leverage. Be it stealing from someone’s bank account by gaining access to credit card numbers or finding direct phone or address data, hackers can use Malware to hurt your customers or clients.

Hacking Happens Every 39 Seconds
Studies show that on average a hacker steals a username or password, or inappropriately accesses site data, on an average of every 39 seconds. That means that your data and personal information could be stolen and sent out to other hackers or digital thieves before you ever knew they were there—without the right protection.

Loss of Revenue and Business Reputation
When you allow data to be stolen because you weren’t proactive with proper security it can impact investor or consumer confidence instantly; especially if it gets put on local or national news. This means you could potentially lose thousands or millions of dollars in revenue, never regain customer confidence, and lose your business forever.

Core Competency Begins with Proper Prevention
Like most things in the business world if you are responding to a problem after the fact it’s often more expensive than if you just created a smarter solution to begin with. That’s why Host Pros offers affordable solutions that protect your site before something bad happens. We can offer a wide range of options to keep your data and site protected in real-time, including:
  • Advanced Malware Scans & Removal
  • Finding and Eliminating Vulnerabilities
  • Creating Layers of Security for Your Employees and Customers
  • Cleaning Up Existing Issues and Preventing Future Problems
  • Checking Files and Database Storage
  • Protect with SSL (SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption)
  • Stopping DDoS Attacks with Advanced Firewall Protection
  • Setting Up a CDN Performance Accelerator
  • And much more
Our website solutions can be custom-tailored to your specific needs and your budget, and all come backed by our responsive customer-focused service. In fact, your site management includes a dedicated resource and success manager, so you’ll always have a single point of contact to answer questions, provide feedback, and let you know if there are any vulnerabilities or issues you need to be aware of. We’ll also provide emergency backups and data storage solutions that ensure your site and your data is always protected even if there’s a power outage, a vulnerabilities issues, or a loss of data. Be prepared for what’s ahead by ensuring your site is ready for people, events, and all the things yet unforeseen.

Smarter, Scalable Threat Protection
We provide premier web security solutions that fit their customer, investor, client, and personal business needs. More importantly, we provide affordable, accessible options that don’t limit security or allow for vulnerabilities to ensure a streamlined ecosystem. Complete with seamless integration, advanced Malware detection, and real-time monitoring that alerts us if something is out of place, we can help you scale your business and protect your long-term sustainability starting right now. Complete with full-architecture and infrastructure support and built for eCommerce and standard WordPress, we’ve got a solution that’s right for you. Let us deploy a security solution that provides you the best protection from day one, so you can continue providing fast, reliable website support every day going forward.